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L.M.N.T (Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra's neurotherapy) is an alternate therapy. It presupposes that if any gland or organ is not working properly, the required chemicals will not be produced in proper quantity and the body will be in diseased condition. L.M.N.T believes that it helps in producing the required chemicals and hormones in the body of patient by activating various glands/organs. It is achieved by treating the patient by giving pressures at various points of the body.
  This gland in turn secretes some hormones. When the level of these hormones in the blood reaches its desired limits, the pituitary and hypothalamus gland will stop secretion of the corresponding stimulating hormones of that gland. This is known as negative feedback mechanism. By L.M.N.T, we activate the pituitary gland (PIT). The pituitary gland controls all endocrine gland except the thymus, the parathyroids and the medulla part of the adrenal glands. It controls the thyroid gland (except for calcitonin secretion), both the adrenal cortices, the ovaries and the testes. Whenever there is a deficiency of a hormone, L.M. N.T can stimulate PIT to secrete the particular stimulating hormone for that gland and correct the deficiency.

Neurotherapy All Training Camp Cancelled.

Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra, was born in a highly respected family of Amritsar, as the 7th offspring of Sri. Ramgopal Mehra and Smt. Kesara Devi, on 23rd August 1932. A living legend of his times, he is renowned for developing a novel technique (LMNT) of curing the masses without recourse to medicines, and for his selfless and dedicated service to humanity. At the tender age of 11, he was afflicted with a severe stomach ache, which lasted for several months, which could not be relieved with the best of medical help available at the time. By providence, he met an old man who asked him to lie face down; and cured him almost instantly, by a simple native technique of 'setting the navel' by manipulating his hands and legs in a special fashion. Helping others came naturally to Lajpatrai. Unlike other children of his age, he did not allow the incident to pass by. Instead, he constantly meditated upon the miracle wrought in his body by the seemingly crude technique and longed to relieve others of similar pains. Ancient Indian texts refer to the navel as being the epicenter of the entire body. Disturbances in the position of the navel in relation to other parts of the abdomen, is the main cause for digestive disorders.
  Even though the old man did not teach him the exact technique, the innovative Lajpatrai, recollected that the process exerted pressure on certain points of his body. His mother often used to suffer from stomach aches. With her as a willing subject, he devised a novel method of using his feet to produce a similar effect, to relieve his mother of her pains.